Vario Motor Scooter

Honda Vario Scooter

The Honda Vario (also known as the Honda Click in some Southeast Asian countries) is a scooter produced by Astra Honda Motor in Indonesia since 2006. This scooter is intended to anticipate the increasing population of automatic scooters circulating in the Indonesian motorcycle market.[1] The Vario has appeared in various variants with engine capacities ranging from 108.0 cc (6.6 cu in) to 149.3 cc (9.1 cu in).

According to numerous Asian motorcycle publications, the new Vario 160 will come equipped with Honda’s 157cc single-cylinder engine. Equipped with a four-valve cylinder head, and Honda’s eSP+ system, this engine is rated at a healthy 14.7 horsepower. Now you may be wondering, why would Honda go through all the trouble of reengineering an already decent engine for the sake of one or two ponies? As it would turn out, power and performance isn’t the name of the game when it comes to little scoots like these. Rather, it’s emissions, efficiency, and of course, conforming to global emissions standards such as Euro 5 and BS6 in India. 

While increasing displacement may seem to be a counterintuitive approach to achieving efficient and clean-running engines, having more power at a certain RPM, brought about by a slightly stronger engine, is a good way to optimize both efficiency and performance. That said, seeing the entirety of Honda’s 150cc range of bikes eventually upgrade to the new 160cc mill isn’t too far from reality.