Activa Motor Scooter

Activa Honda Motor Scooter


Introducing the Activa Motor Scooter – the ultimate ride that combines style, performance, and convenience. Say goodbye to traffic jams and hello to effortless commuting with our sleek and powerful scooter. Whether you’re zipping through city streets or exploring scenic routes, the Activa Motor Scooter offers a smooth and exhilarating ride every time. With its ergonomic design, cutting-edge features, and fuel-efficient engine, this scooter is your ticket to freedom on the open road. Experience the joy of riding with Activa Motor Scooter today!

The 2020 Honda Activa’s 125cc HET BS-VI motor starts in a unique way. The process begins with the slight opening of the exhaust valves at the start of the compression stroke to decompress the combustion chamber. Then, the engine rotates backward slightly, which Honda says gives the piston a bit of inertia before full compression is reached. This means less electrical power is needed to start the fuel-injected powerplant. Smooth starting is attained by using the AC generator to spin up the powerplant. There is no starter motor, and no meshing of gears during starting. Honda has developed the #AQuietRevolution hashtag to promote the new design, dubbed the Silent Start System that uses a Honda AGC starter.The motor 2020 Honda Activa 125 BS-VI motor has an offset cylinder to reduce friction. The offset cylinder works along with the lightweight crankshaft and piston to make the engine more efficient.